Escaping Honduras

      Our politicians continue to debate what to do about illegal immigration, how best to secure our southern border, and how serious the problem is. Illegal crossings have surged -- and President Trump has declared a national emergency. What's driving so many migrants to risk their lives and join caravans to enter the US? And is there reason to be concerned about the criminal elements coming with them? Jonathan Elias traveled to Honduras to find out. It is midnight here in San Pedro Sula..

      Mad with Medication: A new view on Psychiatric drugs

      Antidepressants and other drugs for psychiatric conditions are credited with improving and saving countless lives. But what if that’s not the whole story? Today, we get another view from psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, author of “Medication Madness” and director of the International Center for patient-oriented psychiatry. He says his profession has gone mad with medication. Sharyl: Some people call you the “Conscience of Psychiatry. ”Dr. Peter Breggin: YeahSharyl: Why do you think that is?

      Follow the Money

      In this week's follow the money - an inside look at how *your* tax dollars are being spent for the arts- in ways you may not have even imagined. It's Volume 4 of Federal Fumbles -- released by Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford. The masters of mariachi! You're paying for it. Last year, The National Endowment for the arts awarded $50,000 to a California city for its Mariachi Master Apprentice Program. The program has received $725,000 in federal grants since 2001.

      In the Fast Lane

      When President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, there was a rush of reporters to Vietnam. For the American press, it was probably the most attention paid to the country since the Vietnam war, over a half century ago. While there, our own Scott Thuman went native. Scott Thuman: This is Saigon, where the post-war gritty and the glitzy co-exist. Flashy music videos take over streets, luxury yachts cruise by.

      The Curators

      We’ve entered a brave, new world in the information age. Where it can be tough to know what’s real. Now there are movements to help us sort through it all— to teach our kids media literacy, to “curate” our information and cull out “fake news. ” Sounds like a good idea. After all, who doesn’t want their news straight up? But what if some of those efforts are actually attempts to control the narrative? Today’s cover story examines The Curators.

      Standing Up To Goliath

      Sharyl: Why did you object being forced to pay into the teacher union? Rebecca Friedrichs: The Teacher's Union took my money from day one and spent it on far left political causes that were not only against my own values, but we're bringing harm to the children that I'm hired to serve and protect. Sharyl: What made you decide to do a legal challenge?

      Follow the Money: High Speed Rail

      We first reported on California’s ambitious high speed rail project in 2017 - as some called it a boondoggle wasting tax money. Joce Sterman joins us with an update now. California Governor Gavin Newsom is scaling back the project... saying it’s too expensive and would take too long to complete. In his state of the state address earlier this year, he said a short section of the planned route can be completed, but there’s no way to get the whole thing done.