Hijacking the Vote

      The questioning of the election became the big topic of the last presidential debate. Doubts about the integrity of our election process have been raised in connection with the threat of hacking by a  foreign player and highjinks by both political parties.

      Measure of Justice

      Clip from “The Uncondemned:” I’ve interviewed in my lifetime hundreds of rape victims. The Rwandan testimonies were really some of the most brutal.“The Uncondemned” opens in theaters this week, a documentary that details a historic prosecution of rape as

      Barred Voters

      Eleven years ago, Jamie Ferrante lost his right to vote.Jamie Ferrante: “I guess I was about 30. I was convicted of my fourth DUI in a 5-year span, which is a felony. Um, I spent a little time in jail and they took my rights away.”In nine states, including

      Off Target

      For the last 14 years, the Pentagon and Boeing have been testing a defense system designed to shoot down nuclear missiles fired at the U.S. from enemies like Iran and North Korea.But, it turns out the interceptors failed to destroy their targets in six out

      Washed Away

      Hurricane Matthew is still impacting the southeast. Some rivers crested just this weekend and some parts of North Carolina are still underwater. But, some U.S. communities hit again and again find they’re in too deep to think about surviving in the long-t