Sour Notes

      Most industries have struggled under the weight of Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions. Few have been hit harder than the music business. And the economic impact is tremendous. In the U. S. alone, nearly two million jobs are said to hinge on the music industry. Today, we take you to the place nicknamed Music City to ask what’s the long-term impact after the government says the music can't play?

      Cleaning Coal

      Today's modern coal plants are not your daddy's coal plants. And we recently found out about a unique engineering contest being held to make them even cleaner. We're off to northeast Wyoming near the town of Gillette. This is Dry Fork Station coal plant near Gillette, Wyoming. Fueled by a coal mine about a mile away, it’s equipped with new technologies making it one of the cleanest and cheapest of its kind in the U. S. Sharyl: I noticed there's no black smoke coming from the smokestack.

      Military Strategy

      From Afghanistan to Iraq, a lot of military observers say America can't seem to win wars even though we have the most powerful military on the planet. A new book examines why. It's called The 11th Hour in 2020 America: How America's Foreign Policy Got Jacked Up And How The Next Administration Can Fix It. I recently spoke with the author, Former Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis. I began by asking about a controversy in 2012 when he went public with a report that claimed the surge of U. S.

      Power Play

      Millions of people lost power this past week amid record-breaking weather in Texas. It impacted every source of electricity - even froze wind turbines. The latest incident highlights weaknesses in America's energy system. And experts predict more power shortages due to economic factors like coal plants closing and the dynamics involving clean energy. Today, we dig into the politics of keeping the lights on in "Power Play. "In a number of states, there’s growing talk of impending power shortages.

      Hospital Pricing

      A groundbreaking new rule you might not have heard about could save you thousands of dollars. For the first time, America's hospitals are required to give upfront pricing on medical procedures so you can shop around. It's the result of a June 2019 Executive Order from President Trump. It took effect January first after surviving legal challenges from U. S. hospitals. Cynthia Fisher of patientrightsadvocate. org helped push the big change that has bipartisan support.

      Rural Hospitals

      We've seen many reports of hospitals packed with Covid-19 patients. But the same pandemic that's overcrowded city hospitals has had the opposite impact on medical facilities in the countryside. Joce Sterman reports it's putting many of them on the brink of financial disaster. Pam Pfister isn’t just the CEO of a rural hospital in Illinois. Pam Pfister: You do know your community members, you do know a lot of your patientsShe’s a mom, who’s raised 6 children in this very place.

      Dinosaur Hunt

      On our travels for Full Measure, we couldn't resist a visit to a renowned dinosaur museum that's so far off the beaten path, you'll probably never make it there in person. The Carter County Museum in Montana, founded in 1936, is known by scientists around the world for the stories it tells about what walked the earth more than 60 million years ago. Our guide is the Museum’s Executive Director, Sabre Moore. Sharyl: So, you want to tell me first about this big guy? Sabre Moore: Yes.