Full Measure: April 15, 2018

      This week on Full Measure,We were first to tell you how Chuck Norris’s wife became critically ill after a series of MRIs...and how he fought back. Now- the medical community is making major changes - but you may not have heard about them!Plus: There’s a hi

      MRI Changes

      Three decades of scientific thought regarding the safety of dye commonly used in MRIs has been upended but odds are you haven't heard much about it. Today we begin with an important follow up to a story we first brought you last year. We told the distressi

      DNA Database

      Just this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill to face questions about privacy and how his company uses your personal information. The same questions could be asked about those popular home DNA test kits.. and what the companies behind th

      National Debt

      In today's Follow the Money: as a nation, we now owe $21 trillion dollars. And, since the country spends more than it takes in, the debt keeps growing. Economist Peter Morici says our political leaders are taking big risks and haven't learned much from pas

      The Foreign Connection

      Foreigners are barred from directly giving money to American politicians and political parties. But it turns out, there’s a legal way around that. It involves well-connected middlemen in the U.S., PR firms, and lobbyists, acting as foreign agents. They’re

      The Move

      This May, Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of their independence. The Palestinians, on the other side of their border, are marking the date,  A little differently. Tensions have been on the rise since the US announced a change of address for the US e

      Most Admired Companies

      When Fortune magazine released a list of the world's most admired companies, it got the watchdogs at the Project on Government Oversight thinking there was more to the story. Investigator Neil Gordon did some work and found some of the 'most admired' have