Full Measure: June 17, 2018

      Danger zones and war zones. This week, we gather our team of correspondents for a look at some of our favorite stories from our third season of Full Measure.  

      Taking on the IRS

      It ranks as one of the worst government scandals of the past decade. Conservatives have been seething since 2013 over what they view as weaponization of the IRS to use against conservative groups for their political beliefs. The fight for justice and accou

      Singapore Summit

      The historic summit between President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong Un has been on again, off again.. but one thing that hasn't changed is the site of the summit - Singapore.  The tiny city state plays an oversized role in the economy of Southe

      Surviving Syria

      On New Year’s Eve of 2012 - an American photojournalist in Syria was kidnapped by terrorists. Matthew Schrier escaped after 7 months in their custody.  He spoke to Lisa Fletcher about his new book “The Dawn Prayer: Or How to Survive in a Secret Syrian Te

      Shades of Grey

      From the fall of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein to the political demise of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, there’s no shortage of sexual abuse allegations against famous men. The MeToo movement has liberated women to talk about long-tolerated mi

      Inside Afghanistan

      In 2010 while he was embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, war reporter Carmen Gentile was hit in the face with a rocket propelled grenade. Luckily it didn’t explode… but it did shatter his face and blinded him in one eye.  He tells what he endured a

      Digital Impact

      We’re starting to learn more about the impact of digital device usage on a young generation’s learning and mental health. Gallup recently surveyed K-12 teachers to get their views on whether kids are being helped or hurt more and found educators at odds w