Transgender Divide

      The federal Department of Education recently made a controversial ruling saying transgender high school athletes in Connecticut who competed on boys' teams cannot switch to girls’ sports. The feds say that deprives girls of athletic opportunities guaranteed under civil rights law. It’s a national debate that's forged some unexpected alliances. Today we tackle the transgender divide in sports.

      Hard Harvest

      It's been a tough year for farmers. As if nature wasn't enough of a challenge, coronavirus left farmers fighting not only for their own survival but also to keep food on America's tables. Scott Thuman follows the season and one family, from planting to harvest. Scott: Early summer in Southern Virginia. On this farm, the corn and cotton crops have just gone in, now it’s a waiting game, hoping the months ahead bring good weather and regular rain.

      Erasing History

      2020 will be remembered as a year of change. But some historical markers of change, may not survive the year. Lisa Fletcher went to Boston to see how that historic town is dealing with erasing history. Lisa Fletcher: In one of the nation’s oldest cities, statues and memorials abound. From political leaders to sporting greats, they span Boston’s nearly 400-year history. But visit today and you’ll find something missing, empty space where a towering historic figure once stood.

      Shaping the News

      On Full Measure, we’ve reported on the many factors impacting, even slanting how the news is reported. Today, we hear from Ruben Navarrette, a nationally syndicated Latino columnist who has worked in journalism for 30 years. He has some eye-opening personal insight on how the news is shaped today. Sharyl: You have talked about the fact that you don't fit neatly into an expected box as a journalist. Explain what you mean by that.

      The Battle Below

      During the frenzy leading into the election, there was an emergency declaration you may not have heard about. In late September, President Trump declared the U. S. dependence on China for so-called ‘rare earth’ minerals a ‘national emergency’. Those minerals are essential to technology from our phones to our top-level defense weapons. In today’s cover story, Lisa Fletcher takes us on a deep dive, literally, beneath the earth’s surface into the ocean for ‘the battle below. ’

      Tracking Coronavirus Relief

      There’s more tax money going toward coronavirus relief than anything comparable. The amount is more than double the so-called “stimulus” plan in 2009. Today, who’s following the money and what they’re finding. Timothy Persons: That amount of money is typically going to have some amount of fraud. Timothy Persons is a top analyst at the Government Accountability Office or GAO, one of the main agencies overseeing all the coronavirus spending.