Zika Crisis

      Hit by two hurricanes, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico will be rebuilding for a long time. That’s on top of another natural disaster of sorts you probably remember hearing a lot about: the mosquito-carried Zika virus. Puerto Rico was considered ground ze

      Cost of Coverage

      A new survey finds that insurance is about to officially become unaffordable for many. And it also explains why there's such an adamant divide between those who love Obamacare and those who hate it. The survey was done by the first and largest private onli

      Bucking the Budget

      Earlier this year we interviewed Congressman Ken Buck, a Republican who exposed the Washington DC swamp where he says Democrats and Republicans collude behind the scenes to work in the interest of big money donors rather than the American public. At that t

      Pulse: Frederick, MD

      The county fair is still one of the best places to see a slice of America and eat a slice of many things that should be forbidden in the human diet. We found it's also a good place to ask people how they balance the budget for their families and what they

      Defending the Border

      America's border dysfunction was highlighted again this week by not guilty verdicts for the illegal immigrant who fired the shot that killed Kate Steinle in a sanctuary city. This week we take you on a dangerous and sobering journey to see first hand what'

      Pentagon Slush Fund

      In 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act, to supposedly help limit spending of your tax dollars. But the Pentagon has extra wiggle room thanks to an obscure account that's existed for decades. Our Lisa Fletcher dug into that with one government watc