Red Tape

      President Trump has succeeded in reducing some federal regulations but odds are you haven't noticed any difference in your own life. In fact, there's so much bureaucracy…so many processes, rules and procedures in virtually every facet of what we do, it may

      Missile Misses

      North Korea has rattled American nerves with a missile, and potential nuclear device, capable of reaching the United States.  That little false alarm in Hawaii in January didn't help much either. President Trump and Kim Jong-un are supposed to meet this Ma

      The Internet of Things

      Everyone knows humans have a social network to connect online. But there's also a growing online social network for non-humans or things. We're talking refrigerators, street lights, even garbage cans. We spoke to Daniel Price, the young CEO of the tech com

      Hollywood Hypocrisy

      This year's Academy Awards was the first since a cascade of sexual misconduct allegations against top entertainment moguls. In spite of promises to stick to the movies, the Oscars offered the usual sequel: brave stands that seemed as scripted as the films.

      Military Harassment

      In terms of sexual assault allegations,  the military could be seen as a trendsetter. A decades-old scandal was so shocking it began a serious evaluation of the role of women in the ranks. Years later, Joce Sterman found one reason why a fix has been so ha

      Full Measure: March 11, 2018

      This week on Full Measure, Hollywood hypocrisy. We dig into the ugly side of the entertainment industry - after a flood of sexual assault allegations.Plus, is our military doing enough to stop sexual harassment in the workplace? A report raises serious co

      The New Front

      The State Department has just added seven Islamic extremist terrorist groups to the US list of terrorists including ISIS-Philippines. As we told you when we visited the Philippines last year, ISIS is a growing force there, with the intent of establishing a