Impeachment Inquiry

      For the first time in two decades, a US President faces the threat of impeachment, which, in simple terms, means Congress may officially charge President Trump with wrongdoing. James Rosen has been investigating the story and has a fascinating look at the controversy over the origins of how it all began. Rep. Nancy Pelosi No one is above the law. Pres. Trump: It’s a witch hunt. It’s a disgrace.

      Fatal Flaws

      Today we begin with an investigation into the taxpayer funded bureaucracy where millions of our military veterans get their medical care. The V. A. It’s a story about the intersection of two Army vets who never met but—together— exposed what some see as fatal flaws in a troubled system. After three tours of duty in Iraq and Kuwait, 28-year old Nicholas Horner returned home to Pennsylvania a broken soldier. He suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries after multiple explosions.

      A Night in Casablanca

      Finally today, on a recent work trip to Morocco Scott Thuman took time out to experience the famous, ancient city of Casablanca where there’s a lot to see and taste. With two millennia of history and mystery to boast of, Morocco carries an allure that most countries can’t. From ancient and picturesque waterfalls to it’s maze like medinas that practically beg you to wander until you’re lost. Which we realized happens pretty easily.

      Hurricane Recovery

      Please note: Spanish translation follows English belowImagine having the task of distributing the most aid money ever for a natural disaster responsibly to a government mired in corruption and under FBI investigation. That’s what’s happening right now in the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico two years after two hurricanes, Maria and Irma. You have $91 billion reasons to care. That’s how much of your tax money is intended for recovery.

      Refugee Center

      By all accounts, our system to handle illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers has become overwhelmed. In the fiscal year that just ended, more than 760,000 illegal immigrants were picked up crossing our border from Mexico into the southeastern U. S.. Federal authorities release some of the families to volunteer centers like one we recently visited in Tucson, Arizona. It’s dinner time at this way station for new arrivals. Sharyl: How many people have you fed at the max, do you know here?

      Model Legislation

      A disturbing study shows that no matter where you live, a lot of the state laws you live by aren’t being written by the people you elect—or even their staff. They’re being written by special interests who benefit from the laws. Gordon Witkin, executive editor at the Center for Public Integrity, tells us about the evidence his group found in a joint investigation with USA Today and the Arizona Republic.