Switching Sides

      Twice on Full Measure, we’ve profiled the anti-Trump “resistance” movement. Today, our cover story is a fascinating look at the flip side of the coin. Blacks, gays and other constituents who traditionally belong to Democrats are leading movements walk away from that political party. We begin with the founder of the Black Exit from the Democratic party, 30 year old Candace Owens. We caught up with Candace Owens just before a recent crowd-pleasing appearance in the heart of Baltimore.

      Inside ISIS

      With its top leaders dead and its territory or ‘caliphate’ gone, the Islamic extremist terrorist group ISIS isn’t the threat it once was. But experts say the danger is far from over. Scott Thuman recently traveled overseas to bring us a rare interview with an ISIS bride who takes us inside the minds of terrorists. Scott: First-hand accounts into a life under ISIS control are rare, we’re calling this young woman Aisha.

      Rick Perry & The Impeachment Inquiry

      In the coming days, we'll have the first public hearings on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Democrats allege he improperly withheld US Military aid to pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt on Democrats. Trump says he legitimately pressed for an investigation into corruption involving Ukraine and Democrats. James Rosen joins us with an interview with a key player: Energy Secretary Rick Perry. James Rosen:Perry has refused to give closed door testimony but spoke to me this week.

      The Danish Debate

      We begin with a very American debate that’s underway in Europe where a quickly-expanding Muslim population is testing tolerance on all sides. Nowhere is the discussion more heated than in Denmark. In three short decades, that small country has gone from almost no Muslims to hundreds of thousands -- a bigger proportion of the population than other European nations. The resulting culture clash is raising issues of freedom of speech and religion. Our cover story is The Danish Debate.

      Immigration Battles

      Illegal immigration continues to be among the top list of concerns for many Americans. Today, we hear from the head of the embattled agency in charge of the U. S. immigration system Ken Cuccinelli. He started as Acting Director of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in June. We asked where key immigration battles stand as we move into Campaign 2020. At a hearing this week, Ken Cuccinelli was the target of a familiar attack by Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

      Antitrust Probe

      As Congress turns up the heat on companies like Facebook.. they’re facing added pressure. Nearly every state has now joined an anti-trust investigation that could threaten the way the tech giants do business. Lisa Fletcher talks with the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Karl Racine. Karl Racine: When you have 50 state attorney general focused on a very successful, large, and powerful company like Google, it's a big deal.