Evolving Science

      As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, there is more controversy than clarity when it comes to issues like lockdowns, vaccines, immunity and origin. What do we really know, and what is still a mystery? Today, we cut through rumor and misreporting in a special interview at the key military research lab for fighting infectious diseases in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

      Capitol: This Week

      With just days left in President Trump's term, it has been another turbulent and historic week. A rush second impeachment with no witnesses or debate, thousands of military troops reporting to the streets of the U. S. Capitol and the mayor of Washington D. C. urging everyone to stay home for the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday. Scott Thuman is covering all of that. And first start with what's the nuts and bolts of what has happened in the past week in terms of the impeachment.

      The New Rules of War

      As America has struggled through a string of seemingly unrelated crises, there are some who say they are not just random events. Lisa Fletcher talks about that with former soldier and national security strategist Sean McFate, author of The New Rules of War: How America Can Win Against Russia, China, and Other Threats. Lisa Fletcher: So, Sean, you said nobody fights conventionally anymore, except for us. What does a war between superpowers look like to you now?

      Big Tech Censorship: Part 1

      This past week saw a turbulent beginning of the end of the unprecedented term of President Trump. A rally in Washington supporting the president and calls to overturn the election turned violent. Protesters stormed both chambers of Congress and one was shot before being driven from Capitol Hill. Members of Congress returned to certify Joe Biden as president-elect. Meantime, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube took aggressive, new steps to clamp down hard on President Trump’s social media accounts.

      Big Tech Censorship: Part 2

      It is no accident that so much Big Tech fact checking and labels appeared in the lead-up to the 2020 election. Millions poured into the efforts behind the scenes. We continue our report on Big Tech censorship by Following the Money. Whistleblower Zach Vorhies says his bosses at Google were devastated by President Trump’s unexpected victory. Then-CEO of Google’s parent company Eric Schmidt was a major donor and volunteer for Hillary Clinton.


      Recent years have brought one record breaking high after another in our stock markets. But for all the talk, a lot of us do not really know what a stock market is and does. Today, we get the inside scoop from NASDAQ’s Joseph Brantuk. Joseph Brantuk: We help investors buy and sell stock, and we provide a platform for price discovery. Sharyl: What's the difference between NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange? Brantuk: Well, there's two different listing venues.

      The Battle Below

      During the frenzy leading into the election, there was an emergency declaration you may not have heard about. In late September, President Trump declared the U. S. dependence on China for so-called ‘rare earth’ minerals a ‘national emergency’. Those minerals are essential to technology from our phones to our top-level defense weapons. In today’s cover story, Lisa Fletcher takes us on a deep dive, literally, beneath the earth’s surface into the ocean for ‘the battle below. ’