Disasters and Darkness

      Homelessness, illegal immigration, the high cost of living and -- fires. As if one of our biggest states isn’t suffering enough, California residents have been told they now face forced blackouts that could come and go for years. That disaster traces directly to the power company Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E. We sent Lisa Fletcher to the Golden State to find out what’s behind the Disasters and Darkness. In California, it was a season defined by infernos.

      State of the Swamp

      In just over two weeks, President Trump gives his State of the Union address. We thought it would be a good time to get a Full Measure State of the Swamp assessment. We went to two swamp-watching experts. The first Congressman Ken Buck a Republican we first interviewed a little over two years ago who blew the whistle on the swamp and party elites he says, "live like kings and govern like bullies. ”Sharyl Attkisson: Is what you describe— what some Americans might call ‘the establishment’? Rep.

      Clean Energy: A Case for Nuclear

      One of the biggest energy challenges of our time is how to produce more energy in a way that’s considered cleaner for the environment. In his book: A Bright Future, Swedish nuclear engineer Stefan Qvist — writes that some countries have solved climate change and the rest can follow, if they just embrace what he says is a misunderstood platform: nuclear power. We recently caught up with him in London.

      I Spy

      We begin with an examination of one of the worst abuses of government power that could happen in our society. Illegal spying on U. S. citizens. Amid findings about egregious violations by our intelligence community, there’s a criminal investigation. And the court that approves surveillance on U. S. citizens has instructed the FBI to implement new safeguards as of this week. As our intelligence agencies face what may be their biggest scrutiny in decades, we examine how we got here.

      The China Deal

      Phase One of a landmark trade deal with China will be signed this coming week. If there are no more snags. Six months ago, the Chinese backed off of what they’d agreed to at the last minute prompting President Trump to put big taxes on Chinese imports.

      Why Soldiers Miss War

      There are more than 18 million living veterans in the U. S. Each returns home after a different experience to begin a new life. Some have a great deal of difficulty adjusting. Former special operations pilot Nolan Peterson plucks at this emotional dilemma in his new book: “Why Soldiers Miss War. ”Nolan Peterson: My previous profession was as an air force special operations pilot. And when I left the military I ended up embarking on a career in conflict journalism.