The Big Dig

      There are over 1,300 toxic, Superfund sites in the United States: the dirtiest, most complicated and expensive environmental cleanups in the country. Today, we go to Montana for a dramatic look at one of the largest — where some say a long awaited clean up is finally heading in the right direction. Over the past 150 years, the hills in Butte, Montana have yielded hundreds of millions of tons of rock containing valuable copper.

      The Nuclear Option

      Today, a hard look at the double edged sword of the nuclear industry. Right now in the U. S. there are 60 commercially operating nuclear power plants in 30 states. But there’s a problem. This clean source of energy comes with a staggering price tag. One after another planned project has run behind schedule and wildly over budget. Today, there’s only one nuclear reactor project under construction in the US right now kept alive by *billions* in taxpayer dollars.

      Flood Funding Reform

      As the old saying goes.. when it rains, it pours. And often, the floods that follow are predictably in the same place every time. That means again and again, the same home destroyed by flooding may be rebuilt through a national flood insurance program.. financed by public money. And not so strangely, that program itself is underwater. Lisa Fletcher reports. In March, much of the Midwest became a disaster zone, as floodwaters rushed in, swallowing homes, farms, and businesses.

      Media Madness

      Today, we begin with a new Full Measure poll on the national news media. As you might expect: the results aren’t very good. For the media. Whether it’s coverage of the Russia investigation or the Covington High School kids, news consumers on all sides of the political spectrum report declining trust — in us. We turn to two experts to analyze the current Media Madness. Sharyl: One need only sample lowlights from a single month to get a sense of the problem.

      No Pain, No Opioids

      The opioid epidemic is so bad, there’s a whole cottage industry in treating addiction. Patients and doctors everywhere are searching for alternatives to manage serious pain. Physical therapist Eileen Kopsaftis has developed a drug-free strategy that’s gaining traction it attacks the source of pain rather than medicating it. Sharyl: What’s your view of where we are with opiate use in the United States today? Eileen Kopsaftis: I believe that it's completely overprescribed.

      Taste of Vietnam

      As you know by now, we travel around the world to bring you stories on Full Measure. Sometimes, the local culture and cuisine feel like they should be their own story. That’s what happened to our Scott Thuman, who recently spent an eventful Saturday night in Vietnam and conducted his own taste test. Hanoi, Vietnam's capital for much of the last thousand years, today is transforming fast. 34 year old writer Chi Mai is our guide.