Iran Nuclear Deal

      Iran remains the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. This week, President Trump designated Iran’s elite armed force, the Revolutionary Guard, a foreign terrorist organization. Meantime, Trump has drawn criticism for suggesting Iran continues to explore nuclear weapons development. James Rosen has some surprising evidence. In 2015, the Obama Administration and five other world powers struck the controversial nuclear deal with Iran.

      How Popular are our Leaders?

      Starting in 2007, Gallup began looking at how 134 countries rate world leadership. The latest results show the U. S. registering low marks. Yet our leadership is most popular in the Muslim country Kosovo. Jon Clifton of Gallup has some possible reasons. Sharyl: When you ask people how they feel about US leadership, does that mean our leaders in particular like Congress and the President or does that mean the actions we take on the global stage?

      The Pill Pitch

      Full Measure has learned the FDA is planning a new study on TV advertising of prescription drugs. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry benefiting both pharmaceutical companies and the television networks paid to run the ads. Supporters say patients benefit too. But almost nowhere in the world is it allowed except here. And with prescription drugs a leading cause of death and injury, we investigate the Pill Pitch. Dr. Michael Carome leads the Health Research Group at the watchdog Public Citizen.

      Farming in Trouble

      The plight of American farmers is an ongoing concern they are shrinking in number. From bad weather to foreign competition, if it’s not one challenge it’s another. And in the end, their struggles affect the prices we pay for food. President Trump has promised long-term solutions for our farmers through tough trade negotiations with the main competition: China. Scott Thuman reports on the impact of it all-- from Temple, Texas-- at the start of spring planting season.

      Senator Lindsey Graham

      With Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluding there was no coordination between Russia and any American in the 2016 campaign, that's hardly the end of the investigations. This past week, the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee voted to authorize a subpoena for the full confidential Mueller report. Republicans aren't done either.

      The Carter Era

      Last month, Jimmy Carter became the longest living former president.. At 94 years, and then some. To many, he may be better know for what he's accomplished since -leaving- the White House. But a new book makes the case that there was more to the one term presidency than much of history notes. Full Measure contributor James Rosen offers a new take on Jimmy Carter. Pres.