China Rising

      President Trump has promised an expansion of trade trade and putting America first.  But China President Xi Jinping.. has his own plan to put China first -- and it's already working.  We traveled to three countries in Southeast Asia.. South Korea, the Phil

      Plane Waste

      Many of us complain about the high price of airline tickets. There are bargains out there, but they may not help you, even though you're paying for them. Cheap tickets to out-of-the-way airports are part of a federal program using your tax dollars to keep

      You Don't Know Tritt

      You might know Travis Tritt as a Grammy award-winning country music superstar. But we recently caught up with him at the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland and discovered if that's all you know about him, then you don't know Tritt.Sharyl: If someone said to

      The Big Bet

      The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week to allow sports betting in New Jersey. That capped a long battle led by former governor Christie to overturn a ban in place since 1992. For more than 25 years, Nevada was the only place where full sports betting was l

      NAFTA Showdown

      Urgent negotiations are underway over the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA, which took effect back in 1994. Back in a 1992 Presidential debate, independent Ross Perot uttered his now famous quote - he said that NAFTA would result in that giant

      Talk with a Terrorist

      We don’t often get a chance to hear from a former Al Qaeda jihadist, someone known to have recruited and radicalized young Muslims to fight and kill in the name of Islam. Today, we will introduce you to a man who did just that. He was a mentor of one of

      Ryan's Story

      Our military has almost 200-thousand troops deployed around the world. We are still at war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. U.S. military injuries and deaths top 58-thousand for just Iraq and Afghanistan alone. That doesn't count suicides and a related, sil