Dozens of cities and seven states have adopted so-called “sanctuary” policies that shield illegal immigrants from possible deportation. Sometimes there are tragic results. But we are also seeing uprisings by communities that claim to welcome immigrants—just not illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. Today’s cover story begins in Santa Clarita, California about 35 miles outside of LA…population about 220-thousand.

      Hurricane Maria

      The impact of Hurricane Florence may take weeks to tally. It took nearly one year, before Puerto Rico finally acknowledged the number of deaths from Hurricane Maria was shockingly more than the 64 that they'd long claimed: 2,975. That's still many-fold less than a separate Harvard estimate. Why the uncertainty? It turns out, the task of evaluating how many were killed by the storm got mired in politics and doubt.

      Project Censored

      When it comes to criticism of modern news media, believe it or not there’s a tiny, dark corner where political left meets political right. It’s there where we found Professor Mickey Huff of the media watchdog group: Project Censored. Sharyl: What would you say today is the mission statement of Project Censored? Mickey Huff: Project Censored believes in a vibrant, truly independent free press. We do not believe in censorship of any kind. We believe in factual, transparently sourced reporting.

      Raven 23

      It seems every military conflict has its own tragic version of innocent civilians killed wrongly in the heat of war. In Iraq, there was the Nisour Square shootings in 2007. One of the accused, a decorated former U. S. soldier, was on trial just last week eleven years after the incident. In fact, the lives of four decorated former US soldiers still hang in the balance after all this time. Were their actions in legitimate self defense.. or criminal acts?

      Funding Terror

      The tough US sanctions against Iran are having an impact. Iran has asked an international court to stop them. One of the Trump administration's goals is to hurt how much the Iranian government can give to the US labeled terrorist group Hezbollah. Scott Thuman found one South American country where the business of funding terrorism is being conducted right in the open. From a distance, it is peaceful, even picturesque, this spot along South America's Parana river in Paraguay.

      Lara Trump

      There’s a lot of talk of late, about what or where the focus is at the White House. At least one direction, is towards the November elections.. And even beyond. Lisa Fletcher talks about that and more, when she sat down this summer with Lara Trump, campaign adviser and daughter-in-law of the President. Lara Trump: Traditionally, the President in his first term loses the House and Senate, his party loses the House and Senate.

      Asbestos Danger

      It used to be called “The Magic Mineral. The strange, fire-resistant fibers known as “asbestos that are found in natural rock. By now, most people know asbestos has proven to be a major health hazard. The World Health Organization says half of workplace ca