Rise of Populism

      On our world travels, we’ve discovered a global trend— popular distrust of establishment politicians, be they left or right. People everywhere seem to be drifting away from the main, traditional political parties. Street protests in Chile, the Czech Republic, Lebanon are part of a global upheaval that some embrace but others resist as dangerous to democracy. And what’s next is anybody’s guess.

      Smuggling Tunnels

      We’ve taken a lot of trips to our southern border to investigate at illegal immigration issues. Today, we go underground to get a close up look at what was once a major smuggling route in Nogales, Arizona that didn’t require the cartels to climb a wall or sneak through the mountains. Border Patrol Official Kevin Hecht is a tunnelling expert and our guide. Kevin Hecht: Nogales, Sonora sits higher than us here, so all the water and rain events in Mexico flow into the United States.

      Voodoo Culture

      If you visit New Orleans... you’re likely to see voodoo shops, museums, even tours. On a recent trip to the Big Easy, Lisa Fletcher decided to dig deeper into the mysterious spiritual and cultural phenomenon and dispel some myths. Voodoo Authentica - a shop, just two blocks from Bourbon Street, in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter. The second you're in the door, it's a bombardment to the senses. It's where Voodoo priest, Zaar, was making soap for shoppers.

      The Greek Burden

      While the U. S. grapples with illegal immigration there's an uncanny, parallel debate going on in Europe. European countries that opened their arms to a flood of mostly Muslim migrants in 2015 quickly found themselves overwhelmed. Today, much of Europe has pulled in the welcome mat, but the refugees are still coming. And that's left a growing number stuck in the first place they land Greece where the immigration minister told me they're nearing the breaking point.

      Tracking Terrorism

      Just this past week it was reported a mass shooter in Texas called an FBI tipline just before his rampage. The FBI says he was rambling. The FBI has taken a lot of flak in recent years for allegedly missing red flags before terrorist attacks on U. S. soil— such as Islamic extremist bombings at the Boston Marathon and New in York, and shootings in San Bernardino, California and at an Orlando nightclub.

      Big 4 Lobbying

      4 major tech companies run the web-based world. But the reach of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple goes far beyond your browser. And as they face new scrutiny about privacy, anti-trust, and data security - they’ve poured cash and lobbyists into Washington to protect their interests. Lisa Fletcher follows the money. From shopping to socializing and searching, Big tech is all over our small screens. But there's a much wider ppicture in play.

      Terror Lawsuit

      In the war on terror.. the enemy isn't always outside the gate. Some veterans and their families are claiming that some American pharmaceutical companies, motivated by profit, are inadvertently funding terrorist activities in Iraq. Those links, could allegedly be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of U. S. soldiers. Lisa Fletcher examines the case. MiMichael Chand was a Marine and a father of four.