China Rising

      President Trump returned this week from a key trip to Southeast Asia claiming victory in expanding trade and putting America first. But China President Xi Jinping has his own plan to put China first and it's already working. We traveled to three countries

      Plane Waste

      Many of us complain about the high price of airline tickets.   There are bargains out there, but they may not help you, even though you're paying for them.   Cheap tickets to out-of-the- way airports are part of a federal program using your tax dollars to

      You Don't Know Tritt

      You might know Travis Tritt as a Grammy award-winning country music superstar. But we recently caught up with him at the Great Fredrick Fair in Maryland and discovered if that's all you know about him, then you don't know Tritt. Sharyl: If someone said to

      Duterte's Way

      President Trump arrives in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, today.. the last stop in his Southeast Asian trip. There he will meet another unconventional President, reviled internationally by some. but extremely popular at home despite his radical ta

      The Big Miss: Revisited

      It was a year ago today the media was reeling over the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. Among the shock and awe was an admission by many that the media had gotten it wrong. We thought it was a good time to look back at what

      Securing Paris

      The Eiffel Tower has long been admired for its raw beauty and accessibility. But that's changing. Our Scott Thuman was in Paris recently to examine this new sign of the times, when it comes to security.Few landmarks in the world are so instantly recognizab