Russia Probe

      There are numerous investigations going on, but one of them, at least, is coming to a close. That is the House Intelligence Committee investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion. As of today, that Republican-led investigation hasn’t turned up any imp

      Washington's Press

      President's Day is tomorrow. Some might say it's been a rocky road for 45. And many of those saying that would be in the media. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it might be worth noting, that when it comes to the President and the Press ver

      Outside Obamacare

      Millions of Americans have learned a hard truth under Obamacare: just because you have health insurance doesn't mean you can get affordable care. Yet Congress' proposed fixes all seem to revolve around getting people insured. In fact, some experts say one

      Conflicts of Interest

      This week, separate investigations into alleged Trump-Russia collusion and alleged misconduct by U.S. intelligence officials began to intersect in ways that seem inextricable.Republican senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham released their criminal r

      Mail Order Drugs

      In his State of the Union address, President Trump promised a crackdown on 'drug dealers and pushers'. Last spring, we reported on a loophole that helps traffickers distribute illegal drugs through the US mail. Now Joce Sterman reports on a new Congression


      As part of the multi-billion dollar effort to help Afghanistan, the US invites Afghan soldiers and police to come to stateside military bases for training. But it turns out more than just a few of them have disappeared, or gone AWOL -Absent WithOut Leave,