Full Measure: August 28, 2016

      ON THIS EPISODE OF FULL MEASURE: HUMAN TESTING:Federally-funded research conducted on premature babies without the parents being fully informed? Full Measure takes a closer look at the impact of human testing.TUNNEL VISION:Full Measure goes underground at

      Tunnel Vision

      On Full Measure's recent trip to the southern border, we saw how easily drug smugglers climb over, cut through, or simply find spots where there is no border fence at all. But you might be surprised to know how extensively Mexico's smugglers use another ta

      Tracking Terror: Morocco

      Many have criticized the world Muslim community for not being more aggressive in identifying and stopping violently radical elements within their own religion. But one Muslim country has done exactly that.Morocco is in an area of North Africa called the Ma

      Full Measure: August 21, 2016

      ON THIS EPISODE OF FULL MEASURE:DARK SIDE OF WIKIPEDIAIt's known as the world's most popular encyclopedia. But Wikipedia has an unseen dark side. Two Wikipedia insiders reveal shocking stories about conflicts of interest, control of information and retalia

      The Dark Side of Wikipedia

      Right now, this very second, people are busily editing away on the website Wikipedia, at a rate of more than ten edits per second. There are over five million articles written in English on Wikipedia, with a thousand being added every day.But there's a dar

      The Islands

      Halfway around the world, there's big interest over a group of small islands.China is refusing to recognize an international court ruling against its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.That's of concern to five other nations that also claim maritime

      Panama Papers

      The fallout continues over the April release of more than eleven million documents dubbed 'The Panama Papers.'It was an unprecedented leak that exposed how wealthy individuals use anonymous offshore entities to hide their assets.A whistleblower obtained th