Rise of Populism

      On our world travels, we’ve discovered a global trend— popular distrust of establishment politicians, be they left or right. People everywhere seem to be drifting away from the main, traditional political parties. Street protests in Chile, the Czech Republic, Lebanon are part of a global upheaval that some embrace but others resist as dangerous to democracy. And what’s next is anybody’s guess.

      Smuggling Tunnels

      We’ve taken a lot of trips to our southern border to investigate at illegal immigration issues. Today, we go underground to get a close up look at what was once a major smuggling route in Nogales, Arizona that didn’t require the cartels to climb a wall or sneak through the mountains. Border Patrol Official Kevin Hecht is a tunnelling expert and our guide. Kevin Hecht: Nogales, Sonora sits higher than us here, so all the water and rain events in Mexico flow into the United States.

      Voodoo Culture

      If you visit New Orleans... you’re likely to see voodoo shops, museums, even tours. On a recent trip to the Big Easy, Lisa Fletcher decided to dig deeper into the mysterious spiritual and cultural phenomenon and dispel some myths. Voodoo Authentica - a shop, just two blocks from Bourbon Street, in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter. The second you're in the door, it's a bombardment to the senses. It's where Voodoo priest, Zaar, was making soap for shoppers.

      Unfreedom of the Press

      This week, thirty media and tech companies announced they’re partnering behind a new national campaign “Protect Press Freedom. ” But conservative commentator and author Mark Levin argues the modern mass media does not favor of a free press. His new book is called: Unfreedom of the Press.

      Where the Saga Began

      When we travel for Full Measure, sometimes we end up in faraway places. Scott Thuman did that one better, visiting a familiar landscape, from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. To call this place remote would be an understatement. For miles, there’s nothing but sand and canyons. This is southern Tunisia, not too far away from the Libyan border, but to millions of fans around the world, we’re on a small desert planet far far away, on the galaxy’s outer rim.

      The Danish Debate

      We begin with a very American debate that’s underway in Europe where a quickly-expanding Muslim population is testing tolerance on all sides. Nowhere is the discussion more heated than in Denmark. In three short decades, that small country has gone from almost no Muslims to hundreds of thousands -- a bigger proportion of the population than other European nations. The resulting culture clash is raising issues of freedom of speech and religion. Our cover story is The Danish Debate.

      Immigration Battles

      Illegal immigration continues to be among the top list of concerns for many Americans. Today, we hear from the head of the embattled agency in charge of the U. S. immigration system Ken Cuccinelli. He started as Acting Director of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in June. We asked where key immigration battles stand as we move into Campaign 2020. At a hearing this week, Ken Cuccinelli was the target of a familiar attack by Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.