Protecting the Border

      We begin on the Southern border where the number of illegal immigrants caught by Border Patrol continues to go up. Border Patrol says it caught more than 109-thousand illegal immigrants in April alone. The number of “family units” apprehended is up 400% over last year. Full Measure special correspondent Lara Logan takes us on a trip with Border Patrol by land and water for a first hand account without the hype.

      High Tech Lobbying

      When Donald Trump came to Washington, it shook up the long-established money system that both Democrats and Republicans established to influence policy. Traditional lobbying routes were disrupted. Luke Mullens of Washingtonian magazine finds lobbyists have invented fascinating new high tech ways to reach the President and his circle.

      The Alamo

      Many know the story of the battle of the Alamo between Texans and Mexicans in 1836. A few dozen patriots, from Davy Crockett to Jim Bowie fended off thousands of Mexican soldiers for almost 2 weeks. And right now, in San Antonio, Scott Thuman reports there’s a Texas-sized fight over one a key landmark from that battle. Today's Alamo, one of America's most recognizable sights - that draws more visitors to Texas than any other, was first brought to life for many - in stories and on movie screens.

      Surviving Jonestown

      Before the 9/11 Islamic extremist terrorist attacks, one of the biggest losses of American civilian life was the Jonestown Massacre in 1978. At its heart was Jim Jones, whose San Francisco- based cult became largely untouchable because of his political influence. As rumors spread about abuses within his church, Jones left the country with hundreds of followers to start a socialist Utopia in South America.

      Electric Car Debate

      The U. S. and China are in a fierce competition over production of electric vehicles. Both countries have dumped major public cash into the fight. But here in the U. S. those federal subsidies on so-called EV's are phasing out. Lisa Fletcher reports whether they should continue is driving a major debate. In our nation's capital, there is a fast moving debate about whether taxpayers should continue to fuel the electric vehicle industry.

      The Snake Pit

      We’ve seen some things on our journeys here on Full Measure. But you’ve never seen Scott Thuman milk a snake. Until now. If the idea of being surrounded by poisonous snakes is about your worst nightmare, then you might want to stay away from Sweetwater, Texas each March. But if you’re one of those mesmerized by the slithering serpents, then the tiny Texas town is where you need to be. It’s with pride that they host the world’s largest rattlesnake roundup.

      The Nuclear Option

      Today, a hard look at the double edged sword of the nuclear industry. Right now in the U. S. there are 60 commercially operating nuclear power plants in 30 states. But there’s a problem. This clean source of energy comes with a staggering price tag. One after another planned project has run behind schedule and wildly over budget. Today, there’s only one nuclear reactor project under construction in the US right now kept alive by *billions* in taxpayer dollars.