Double Disaster

      By now you’re familiar with the sights of devastation from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. What you may not know is just how bad things were for the U.S. territory before the storm hit. It’s a story of corruption and waste andPuerto Rican officials saya

      Female Jihadis

      To borrow from an old phrase, it turns out that behind every successful radical Islamic terrorist, is a woman, a wife or mother playing an important if indirect role in jihad. The rise of homegrown, female jihadis in America is a phenomenon being tracked b

      The Big Ask

      One poll this summer stated that more Americans trust the White House than the media. Another poll said more trust the media than the President. And a good number of people trust neither. If you're having a problem getting the basic facts on a story instea

      Gab Update

      A social media alternative to Twitter, called GAB, is suing Google saying the Internet giant falsely labeled it a hate speech forum. Google has banned Gab from its popular store that sells applications.Earlier this year, in our cover story the Sum of Knowl


      We're about to begin year four of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. There's widespread agreement that the system, as written, cannot survive. But no agreement on how to fix it. And questions about whether any of the solutions poli

      Aquas Romanus

      Europe may be facing a new crisis and this one not related to terrorism. There is a decreasing supply of life's most critical commodity: Water. Dozens of European countries are expected to face shortages in the decades ahead. Some are facing it now. Our Sc

      Military Reform

      The US boasts of the best military in the world. So you might be surprised to hear that the incentive and benefits structure virtually guarantee that the best people don't stay in their jobs very long. That's the conclusion of Tim Kane, a former US Air For