Threatened Catch

      It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving. And in case you're tired of turkey, we have a helping of shrimp and a few questions.You may not think much about how the seafood gets to your plate. But the question of who's catching it and where is at the center of a g

      Green Berets

      The battle has begun to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS fighters. U.S. Special Operations forces are acting as spotters for targeted airstrikes. Special Ops are more frequently the tip of the spear in U.S. military operations and they are now in g

      Crossing the Line

      Customs and Border Protection is the largest federal law enforcement organization in the U.S.Sixty-thousand employees secure more than 100-thousand miles of borders and coastline, but to criminal drug cartels all that security looks a lot like opportunity.

      Out of Focus

      Police body cameras are producing key evidence in trials involving police shootings.Earlier this month, video was key in the trial of a Cincinnati police officer who shot a motorist at a traffic stop.That ended in a jury deadlock.Full Measure Correspondent

      London Arming Up

      A time-honored tradition is under assault across the pond. Most British Bobbies work the beat without a guns, armed with only a billy club. Now, there's a shift in that longstanding policy. Scott Thuman shows us how terror is altering the way of life, in L

      Follow the Money: Hotel Vacancy

      Today, there are more than 9,000 US troops on the ground in Afghanistan. And we've spent more than $110 billion tax dollars to help rebuild the country.Unfortunately, much of that money has been lost to waste fraud and abuse. In today's Follow the Money, w