Exit Strategy

       On the eve of this great nation’s “peaceful transition of power” – there are challenges on a wide range of fronts. A flurry of last minute actions by the Obama administration is placing prickly issues on President-elect Trump’s plate. We’re looking into t

      Threat Matrix

      Whether it’s Russia, terrorism, or cyberattacks, President Trump will be managing a diverse and some say growing group of foreign threats. We asked President Obama’s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, David Shedd, to help us navigate the bigge

      Coal Country

      Coal has fueled the economy of southwestern Pennsylvania for more than a century.Bill Allen: My father was in the coal mine and that’s the way I supported my family.Lisa: For Bill and Tina Allen, it’s the only way of life they know.Tina: I have coal ash in

      After Obamacare

      It was a popular election rally cry … and will be one of President Trump’s top priorities.Trump: We’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare. We have no choice we have no choice. We have absolutely no choice”Trump supporters want him to follow through.Mik

      Russia Watching

      For many Americans it's a foreign country and concept: Russia.With its onion-domed churches, red star symbols of communism, and of course, the mysterious Kremlin, the centuries old center of intrigue and power. It ruled the old Soviet empire and helped the

      China Challenge

      Sharyl: In simple terms, what is the U.S. beef with China?Peter Morici: China doesn't play by the rules, whether it's trades, securityissues, what have you. It's violating its neighbor's sovereignty in the South China Sea, militarizing the area, uh, it's m