Empty Shelves

      Today we begin with a bit of a mystery. Why, more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, are some products still hard or impossible to find at the grocery store-- Even those seemingly unrelated to pandemic necessities? Lisa Fletcher looked into the question and found it has a lot to do with America's surprisingly fragile supply chain. Christine Gutleben Becker is a businesswoman and mom of three in Washington D. C. ’s northern suburbs.

      Super Soldiers

      For years, intel officials and members of both parties have warned that China is the most serious global threat of America. Yet we have continued to allow China to buy U. S. companies that have sensitive data and operate other companies that collect it. Now comes word that China is trying to genetically engineer a force of superhuman soldiers. Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania has been looking at the Chinese threat.

      Immigration Inspiration

      Finally today, we're off to West Texas where Scott Thuman found an inspiring and unexpected story about immigration. In the heart of oil country, where cattle and cowboy hats still are the staple, that Texas twang, is interrupted by an altogether different sound. In this tiny town, population under 8000, nearly half the people are Mennonites, speaking in ‘Low German’ and standing out from the typical Texas crowd.

      Ashli Babbitt

      Four months after the Capitol riots, one verdict is in: there was only one homicide that day. That of an unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt at the hands of a U. S. Capitol Hill police officer. Prosecutors announced they will not charge the as-yet unidentified officer, an African-American lieutenant on the force. But that’s not the end of the story. Today, we hear both sides in one of the most shrouded police shootings of our time. A caution, some viewers may find some of the material disturbing.

      Chip Crunch

      A shortage in computer chips has gripped the auto industry in the U. S. and around the globe, with factories pausing and workers idled. It's also impacting the industries that build smart phones, video games and all kinds of consumer electronics we use every day. Lisa Fletcher tells us what’s behind the mysterious computer chip crunch.

      Ticking Clock

      60 Minutes recently drew criticism from left, right and journalism groups for alleged lapses in its reporting about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his state's Covid vaccination program. The news program stood by its story. Today, we have a fascinating inside look at the legendary broadcast with award-winning producer Ira Rosen, whose book is called, Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes. Sharyl: Mike Wallace was notoriously difficult to work for.

      Water Wars

      From oil and natural gas to rare earth minerals in the deep sea, we've looked at the competition for critical natural resources. Today, we examine the battle over a natural resource that's even more fundamental, water. There's every chance that America's Water Wars may be overflowing into your neck of the woods soon. When it comes to America’s Water Wars, the West is as wild as it ever was. And the mighty Colorado River is one of the spoils.