Trump Economy

      At the beginning of this year, many considered the economy to be one of the strongest successes of the Trump presidency and his best argument for a second term. That’s when we first set out to identify key features of The Trump Economy. Like everyone else, we had no idea what was about to hit and how it would change most everything. This is the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the major financial center of New York City where people can buy and sell stock from publicly-traded companies.

      Farm Direct

      Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve heard a lot about those who’ve lost a lot, but not so much about those who made the most of the situation. Scott Thuman reports. Just outside of Frederick, Maryland, as the dawn has yet to break and most are still asleep, there’s a flurry of activity at Moon Valley Farm. The demand, just like their crops, growing fast, but it came as a bit of a surprise for founder and first generation farmer, Emma Jagos.

      Illegal Immigration

      Illegal immigration is a flashpoint, but one that defies the normal political divide. A new book by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jerry Kammer, called "Losing Control," illustrates why and reveals it has a lot to do with money. Sharyl: Just by way of background, where do you come from politically? Jerry Kammer: I have always identified as a moderate liberal.

      Bob Levinson

      It's been over 13 years since former American agent, Bob Levinson, disappeared in Iran. And now, a federal judge has ordered Iran to pay his family damages of $1. 4 billion dollars. We still don't know exactly what happened to Levinson, but a U. S. court has determined Iran is at fault. Sharyl: Robert Levinson disappeared on a trip to an Iranian island back in 2007.

      Chicago Gangs

      Chicago residents wake up Mondays to check the reports of their city’s all too often shocking number of weekend shootings and killings. Chicago may not have the highest murder rate in the country, but Scott Thuman reports the violence is staggering. Visuals of crime scenes and protesters:What do we want? Peace. Don’t pull that trigger bro. To see my daughterwith a gunshot wound to the foreheadSomebody on these streets want to take her life. I’m tired of seeing all the violence out here.

      Full Measure Extra: Chicago Gangs

      Scott Thuman: So for people who are around the country who are unfamiliar, but they see the headlines. Right. And they see it get mentioned in the news. It’s typically something like another violent weekend in Chicago. ’ That's what we see around the country. Describe for us what it's really like.