Rocky Mountain High

      This is a big year in the movement to legalize pot. At least a dozen states are considering marijuana legalization. According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, 60 percent of Americans reportedly support full legalization of marijuana for adults. We decided to visit the very first state to allow retail pot stores: Colorado. We found a lot of happy people, but also some hard lessons for other states considering the same path.

      Media Mistakes

      This week, CNN filed suit against President Trump over the White House yanking the so-called “hard pass” of a CNN reporter. Between the debate over First Amendment, professionalism and civility-- is the ongoing question of our role as journalists. Nationally-syndicated columnist Ruben Navarette recently tackled that topic. And when we met up, he described himself as a man without a country in a changing media environment.

      DACA Debate

      Amid the debate over illegal immigration —there’s an ongoing discussion about what to do with *younger* illegal immigrants protected under the Dream Act and something called DACA. We recently sought some clarity from Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from the border state of Texas. We began by asking: Who are the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or DACA children? Rep.

      The French Connection

      November 11th is Veteran’s Day— a momentous day in American history and we have a special program to mark it. One hundred years ago today, the First World War ended. The U. S. joined the fight toward the end of the war but played a crucial role. For our cover story this week, we revisit a decisive moment that took place in the countryside of northern France —where they still remember great American heroism and sacrifice. This isn’t a history lesson.

      Misconduct in the Military

      A new report reveals which U. S. military bases put servicemembers at highest risk for sexual assault from within. It’s been decades since the infamous “Tailhook” scandal in which the first whistleblower took public her story of military sexual misconduct. Joce Sterman reports. Paula Coughlin: My first priority and I think most victims are - is Oh my God. This can’t happen to another person.

      Taking a closer look at Gab

      Before eleven people were murdered at a Pittsburgh synagogue last month, the alleged killer posted on the social media site "Gab. " He criticized a Jewish nonprofit and wrote, "I'm going in. " That post has put Gab, a conservative alternative to Twitter and Facebook, in the crosshairs. Today, we hear from GAB founder Andrew Torba.

      The Statins War

      Next weekend at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago, we’ll get new guidelines for treating high cholesterol, the first big update since 2013. Past guidelines have said more and more of us should take cholesterol-lowering drugs called “statins” to prevent heart attacks and save lives. But the recommendations aren’t without controversy. And they raise a larger debate in medicine— over who’s paying the doctors and groups deciding what’s good for us.