Blurred Vision: Bias in taxpayer-funded research

      Today we focus on taxpayer-funded scientific research — secretly crafted behind our backs to come up with particular results. That’s the shocking allegation about a major study on moderate drinking— proposed by the National Institutes of Health, together with scientists from Harvard and Yale. When you hear what really went on behind the scenes, you may ask: if top scientists are doing that—what else are they doing?

      Slanted Science

      In a landmark decision, a jury found the chemical company Monsanto responsible for a man’s terminal cancer. The case focused on a popular weed killer used by millions of Americans. But Monsanto’s epic loss, may have been sealed by inside documents exposing a disturbing use of slanted science. Lisa Fletcher has the story. CBS: Environmental groups are applauding the landmark ruling. NBC: This morning, fall-out from a monumental verdict.

      Pitch Lake

      On assignment, we sometimes find out about remarkable things we didn't even know existed. That's what happened to Scott Thuman and crew on a recent trip to Trinidad and Tobago. They came across an amazing natural wonder.. that you may have encountered yourself without even knowing it! At first glance, you're really not sure what you're even seeing. It looks like an unfinished parking lot, about 100 acres and mostly barren, minus a stray dog and the occasional tour group.

      Saved In America: A look at human trafficking in the U.S.

      This week,an eye-opening look at the startling scope of Human Trafficking right here in the US. It’s on the rise. Young girls are groomed and lured by drug cartel-connected thugs then sold as a product to be owned. Experts say it’s happening in every state— even in quiet towns where you wouldn’t expect it. That’s where an eclectic group of former police and Navy SEALS comes in.

      Stolen Secrets

      President Trump met with China's President Xi at the G-20 summit in Argentina this weekend. There's been rising tension between the US and China... mainly over trade. But top US officials say the biggest threat from China is spying that ends up costing American taxpayers jobs and billions of dollars. Scott Thuman recently talked to Bill Evanina, Director of theNational Counterintelligence and Security Center... about China capitalizing on stolen secrets.

      Fleet Crippled

      When hurricane Michael hit Florida, Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City was in the direct the line of fire. The Base was home to several dozen of our top military jetsthe F-22 Stealth fighters. Lisa Fletcher found out 17 of those planes were hit hard by the storm. Lisa: What is your understanding as to why all of the F22s were not flown out of Tyndall before Hurricane Michael hit? Rebecca Grant: The F22s at Tyndall were suffering from a shortage of spare parts.