War Waste

      Today, an important progress report on Afghanistan where we're fighting the longest war in American history. Today's 16-year olds weren't even born when we invaded the country for shielding 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. Our longest war has also gobbled

      The Other Wall

      There's been a lot of talk this week about The Wall. It was one of then-candidate Trump's first promises. Now building the wall is part of the debate on an immigration bill. Over a decade ago, Israel built a wall of its own to stop terrorist attacks. We w

      No More Offshore

      America's tax brackets change this month, following the overhaul bill President Trump signed just before Christmas. One part of that plan has had the support of both Republicans and Democrats for years.... the effort to bring trillions of dollars back to

      Road to Success

      One of President Trump's top priorities for 2018 is pushing to update America's aging infrastructure -that means our system handling roads, bridges, dams, power and rail. We don't yet know exactly what shape the plan will take but we do know there are tri

      Cutting Aid

      This week President Trump threatened to cut US aid for Palestinians.. if they don't come to the peace table. That comes weeks after his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and to move the US embassy there. Scott Thuman traveled to the tens

      Budgets Burned

      California's wildfires have set historic records for destruction two years in a row. One of those, the Thomas fire, burned into 2018 and even this week, is close, but not fully contained.  Last January, Lisa Fletcher visited the fire zone to discover that