Air Wars

      There's a trade war, high in the skies involving the big three U-S air carriers and three middle-eastern rival airlines owned and operated by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The foreign airlines have captured business here in the US resulting in attractive, lower fares for passengers. But the American three call it cheating and a threat to their survival. Scott Thuman covers the air wars.

      Follow the Money: Challenge Coins

      Challenge coins are a decades old tradition government and military officials give out symbolic tokens as a sign of thanks or respect. Joce Sterman follows the money and finds these coins can cost taxpayers a chunk of change. The origin of these storied coins is a thing of urban legend with historians differing on whether they date as far back as World War One or Vietnam – with soldiers challenged to produce them as proof of service.

      The Big Spin

      We begin with the story of federal agencies growing so large and so rich they’ve somehow had the time and taxpayer money for all kinds of initiatives to make themselves look good. Or to convince us they’re doing a great job. In other words, they’re spinning us with our own money. We set out to find— how much. This isn’t a movie preview.

      Escaping Honduras

      Our politicians continue to debate what to do about illegal immigration, how best to secure our southern border, and how serious the problem is. Illegal crossings have surged -- and President Trump has declared a national emergency. What's driving so many migrants to risk their lives and join caravans to enter the US? And is there reason to be concerned about the criminal elements coming with them? Jonathan Elias traveled to Honduras to find out. It is midnight here in San Pedro Sula..

      Mad with Medication: A new view on Psychiatric drugs

      Antidepressants and other drugs for psychiatric conditions are credited with improving and saving countless lives. But what if that’s not the whole story? Today, we get another view from psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, author of “Medication Madness” and director of the International Center for patient-oriented psychiatry. He says his profession has gone mad with medication. Sharyl: Some people call you the “Conscience of Psychiatry. ”Dr. Peter Breggin: YeahSharyl: Why do you think that is?

      Follow the Money

      In this week's follow the money - an inside look at how *your* tax dollars are being spent for the arts- in ways you may not have even imagined. It's Volume 4 of Federal Fumbles -- released by Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford. The masters of mariachi! You're paying for it. Last year, The National Endowment for the arts awarded $50,000 to a California city for its Mariachi Master Apprentice Program. The program has received $725,000 in federal grants since 2001.

      In the Fast Lane

      When President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, there was a rush of reporters to Vietnam. For the American press, it was probably the most attention paid to the country since the Vietnam war, over a half century ago. While there, our own Scott Thuman went native. Scott Thuman: This is Saigon, where the post-war gritty and the glitzy co-exist. Flashy music videos take over streets, luxury yachts cruise by.