Hollywood Hypocrisy

      This year's Academy Awards was the first since a cascade of sexual misconduct allegations against top entertainment moguls. In spite of promises to stick to the movies, the Oscars offered the usual sequel: brave stands that seemed as scripted as the films.

      Military Harassment

      In terms of sexual assault allegations, the military could be seen as a trendsetter. A decades-old scandal was so shocking it began a serious evaluation of the role of women in the ranks. Years later, Joce Sterman found one reason why a fix has been so har

      The New Front

      The State Department has just added seven Islamic extremist terrorist groups to the US list of terrorists including ISIS-Philippines. As we told you when we visited the Philippines last year, ISIS is a growing force there, with the intent of establishing a

      Robot Tax

      It's a glimpse into the near future and the cost of progress. For every advancement we make, whether it's the assembly line or robots that can serve meals and drive cars, there's a potential human cost in terms of jobs lost. Some believe a coming Automatio

      Belgian Breeding Ground

      It's been called Terror Central. A neighborhood in Brussels, Belgium - home to a high concentration of extremists. Four of the attackers who targeted Paris in 2015 - were from Molenbeek.  And terror ties don't end there. Our Scott Thuman looks at how one c

      Singapore Pulse

      When we travel to report, often we like to stop and listen, to the opinions and views of the people we're sometimes covering. When we were in Southeast Asia earlier this season, we gathered some Americans living in Singapore to get a few views, from the ot

      Trump and Media

      In the Trump era, there's been a lot of worthy, aggressive journalism probing every facet of his administration and its alleged missteps. But there's also been a series of mistakes and fact errors by top news organizations, which may itself be historic in