Enemies to Allies

      Earlier this year, President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Vietnam. Today, we take our own fascinating trip to Vietnam where the US once fought and lost an unpopular war. The winners were communists allied with China. Now, Scott Thuman discovered, our former enemy is playing a central role in an economic war between the U-S and China --to their own benefit.

      A closer look at government secrecy

      When it comes to government secrecy, the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice ranks right up there with some of the stealthiest. Investigator Daniel Van Schooten of the watchdog Project on Government Oversight says we should know more about it. His group recently won a fight to make some of the agency's documents public. Sharyl: Sometimes very, very important decisions are made in secret by this office of legal counsel? Daniel Van Schooten: Absolutely.

      Off the Charts: Congress Posters

      Regular viewers of C-SPAN —or House and Senate floor speeches— are familiar with the charts members of Congress use to make their point. They’ve been using so-called Floor Charts since at least the early 1900s, long before we could see them on TV. And now William Gray, Founder and Curator of FloorCharts. com, is trying to track and preserve them. Sharyl: What makes an effective chart in your view?

      The Matrix

      Modern wars are creating a new class of wounded warrior. IEDs can leave troops with horrific injuries.. that they survive. Now there are new ways to heal the broken bodies that is almost like science fiction. Joce Sterman shows us a treatment that's aptly called- The Matrix. Sgt. Strang: I remember just a loud bang and it gets like that real high pitch squeal. It’s almost like in the movies and everything slows down.

      Montana's Solution

      We begin with the cost of health care. High—and still rising. The cost of medical and drug benefits is expected to rise 5% in 2019. The 6th year in a row with a 5% increase. Premiums and out-of-pocket costs for employees and dependents will average $14,800. Congress has struggled for years to fight the escalating costs— with little success. But what if the answer lies in a place they haven’t bothered to look? What if it’s right there out in the open in Big Sky country?

      A closer look at 'Save the Swamp'

      Call it what you want—the administrative state, big bureaucracy or The Swamp—social scientist and author Thomas Krannawitter says it’s only grown larger in the 25 years he’s been studying and speaking out against it. Now he’s trying a different approach. In his book “Save the Swamp,” he uses humor and satire to make his point. Sharyl: How do you define the modern swamp?