Coronavirus Questions

      One of the first to advocate for drastic measures to combat coronavirus was Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. Almost two weeks ago, he remarked “what seems extreme today, will seem obvious tomorrow,” as he called for most businesses to close up and Americans to stay home. He also had tough words for the country he sees as the real culprit, and told me what he thinks should be done now to help.

      US Navy Readiness: A Full Measure Investigation

      And now our Full Measure investigation into the state of the U. S. Navy, which is seen as the best and most powerful sea force in the world. But back-to-back tragedies in 2017 provided a disturbing window into some critical weaknesses you might not have heard about. As global developments promise to further challenge the Navy, we look at a sea change some say is needed to ensure our national security. (This story begins with the USS Fitzgerald at sea, guns in training exercise)

      Rx Travel

      Today, an amazing story about how one state’s insurance group is paying patients to leave the country to find better deals on prescription drugs. Full measure’s Scott Thuman talks with the head of Utah’s public employee health plan to see how it works. Scott Thuman: In the shadow of the Rockies, Salt Lake City is a glowing example of economic growth, low unemployment and a billion-dollar budget surplus.

      Space Tourism

      Virgin Galactic may start flying tourists to space in the near future. Lisa Fletcher recently sat down with Pakistani explorer Namira Salim, who will be on that first flight. Namira Salim: I’ve always said as a child growing up in Pakistan that I would grow up to become an Astronaut. So when the opportunity came, I think it was just about testing my own limits, my own dreams. Lisa: What is the price of a ticket now?

      Coronavirus Emergency Funding

      As America continues its battle against coronavirus, help is on the way in terms of money. A trillion dollar economic relief plan is coming up, 100 billion dollar paid sick leave law was just passed. And before that, Congress passed an emergency response bill. If you’re wondering what took that measure from $2 billion dollars to $8. 3 billion in the blink of an eye we did too. Here’s what we found in it. President Trump signed the emergency response bill into law more than two weeks ago.

      Confucius Institutes

      Today, a China connection to our colleges. Some are urging American colleges to shut down their China-funded Confucius Institutes. Critic claims the learning centers could be used as tools for China to spy, and influence our students. Defenders say the threat is overblown. Joce Sterman investigates.

      FBI Wiretap Investigation

      Amid the coronavirus panic, a quiet investigation has begun on Capitol Hill led by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham. He’s already begun interviewing unnamed government officials. It involves accountability for the FBI’s improper wiretaps against a government citizen who happened to be affiliated with the Trump campaign. Sharyl: What can you tell me about the closed door interviews that you're doing or planning related to the surveillance court and the FBI's alleged abuses? Sen.