We begin with an epic Constitutional battle in Virginia that’s drawing national attention. Inside of two months, nearly every county in the state has passed new measures supporting Constitutional gun rights. The effort culminated with a massive, peaceful rally at the state capitol this past week where the Governor declared a state of emergency and warned there could be violence. We investigate what triggered a movement that is now being watched by both sides across the U. S.

      The Lead Crisis

      Mention the city “Flint” Michigan and many remember a city water system dangerously contaminated with lead and a government response that failed residents. But what you may not know is cities in every state are grappling with water safety problems-- some worse than Flint. Scott Thuman reports from one such place... Newark, New Jersey... where there are national implications. Sabre Bee doesn't like to take chances.


      Most anyone who’s worked in an office setting with cubicles and an idiot boss can relate to the comic strip Dilbert, created by Scott Adams. Now, Adams has some advice for all of us in a new book about how to get outside our bubble and become a respected thinker. Lisa Fletcher sat down with him in California to talk about his latest book calledLoserthink: How Untrained Brains are Ruining America. Lisa: Describe the meaning of the title. Scott Adams:So loser think is a word I made up.

      UPDATE: Hurricane Recovery Questions

      An update to stories we’ve been covering out of Puerto Rico for several years. This past week, the governor of Puerto Rico fired the island’s emergency management director after video of a warehouse was shown containing undistributed supplies dating back to Hurricane Maria in 2017, including thousands of cases of water. Hurricane Maria left nearly 3000 people dead. Earlier this season we reported on the legacy of waste and fraud that followed hurricane relief efforts.

      Disasters and Darkness

      Homelessness, illegal immigration, the high cost of living and -- fires. As if one of our biggest states isn’t suffering enough, California residents have been told they now face forced blackouts that could come and go for years. That disaster traces directly to the power company Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E. We sent Lisa Fletcher to the Golden State to find out what’s behind the Disasters and Darkness. In California, it was a season defined by infernos.

      State of the Swamp

      In just over two weeks, President Trump gives his State of the Union address. We thought it would be a good time to get a Full Measure State of the Swamp assessment. We went to two swamp-watching experts. The first Congressman Ken Buck a Republican we first interviewed a little over two years ago who blew the whistle on the swamp and party elites he says, "live like kings and govern like bullies. ”Sharyl Attkisson: Is what you describe— what some Americans might call ‘the establishment’? Rep.