5G Whiz

      Maybe you’ve heard about exciting, new 5G technology that promises to make our connections to the Internet— and all of the things connected to the Internet— faster and better than ever. Like other cell phone technology, 5G emits radiation. Two federal agencies recently said the available scientific evidence to date does not support the idea 5G emits enough radiation to hurt people. But some scientists disagree. At first, the concerns sounded far-fetched. We were surprised by what we learned.

      Doctor Shortage

      There may be an impending crisis in American healthcare you may not have heard much about because it doesn’t involve cost or insurance. Experts predict that in the next few years, there simply won’t be enough doctors to treat us all- especially in rural areas and small towns. Joce Sterman reports part of the problem is a 20-year old law. 400 miles from Detroit, it’s a long trip over the Mackinac Bridge, into the picturesque, but isolated, Upper Peninsula - and Gwinn, Michigan. Dr.

      Fair Game

      This week the Democratic presidential candidates had for their 3rd debate as the giant field becomes ever smaller. Scott Thuman recently visited the state that plays a big role, in dividing the candidates, from the also rans. In Des Moines, Iowa, where thousands bite into the latest deep-fried concoction check out the newest model John Deere, or watch kids cling to sheep in a rodeo called “mutton bustin,” The state fair is about as “Americana” as it gets.

      The Greek Burden

      While the U. S. grapples with illegal immigration there's an uncanny, parallel debate going on in Europe. European countries that opened their arms to a flood of mostly Muslim migrants in 2015 quickly found themselves overwhelmed. Today, much of Europe has pulled in the welcome mat, but the refugees are still coming. And that's left a growing number stuck in the first place they land Greece where the immigration minister told me they're nearing the breaking point.

      Tracking Terrorism

      Just this past week it was reported a mass shooter in Texas called an FBI tipline just before his rampage. The FBI says he was rambling. The FBI has taken a lot of flak in recent years for allegedly missing red flags before terrorist attacks on U. S. soil— such as Islamic extremist bombings at the Boston Marathon and New in York, and shootings in San Bernardino, California and at an Orlando nightclub.

      Big 4 Lobbying

      4 major tech companies run the web-based world. But the reach of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple goes far beyond your browser. And as they face new scrutiny about privacy, anti-trust, and data security - they’ve poured cash and lobbyists into Washington to protect their interests. Lisa Fletcher follows the money. From shopping to socializing and searching, Big tech is all over our small screens. But there's a much wider ppicture in play.