Follow the Money: Equifax

      Follow the Money

      With all the fuss over the Equifax data breach you might have missed one noteworthy development this week: even after the terrible security breach and departure of key executives who traded stock before the news became public the company has received new, multi million dollar fraud prevention contracts from the federal government.

      Senator Ben Sasse asked Former chairman and CEO of Equifax Richard Smith about it at a hearing this week:

      Rep. Sasse: It's being reported in the media this morning that you've just received a no-bid contract from the IRS for fraud prevention. Can you explain to the American people, not just as consumers who've been exposed and breached here but as taxpayers, why in the world should you get a no-bid contract right now? Richard Smith: I'm not sure it was a no-bid, my understanding, and I don't profess to have the details senator; it's with the IRS, it's a contract we've had in the past and it's being renewed.

      Sasse said Congress will be looking into it