Follow-Up: Lawyer Charged

      Lawyer Charged

      Last December, we reported on a landmark decision. A jury found the chemical company Monsanto responsible for a man’s terminal cancer.

      The case focused on Roundup, a popular weed killer used by millions of Americans.

      Timothy Litzenburg was part of the trial team that won the landmark verdict. He’s now facing a criminal complaint that he tried to extort $200 million from a company that makes a product contained in Roundup.

      Litzenburg is no longer part of the law firm.

      No other member of the original trial team is charged with any wrongdoing. Thousands of lawsuits are pending against Monsanto, now owned by Bayer.

      It’s created a whole cottage industry of attorneys and competition for clients.

      Monsanto declined to comment on the case against Litzenburg. He did not return our request for comment.