Lara Trump

      Lara Trump

      There’s a lot of talk of late, about what or where the focus is at the White House. At least one direction, is towards the November elections.. And even beyond. Lisa Fletcher talks about that and more, when she sat down this summer with Lara Trump, campaign adviser and daughter-in-law of the President.

      Lara Trump: Traditionally, the President in his first term loses the House and Senate, his party loses the House and Senate. We're very hopeful leading up to November that we don't see that happen on the Republican end. We're working very hard for that. And then, I think it will be really exciting, actually, to go into 2020. Our campaign in 2016, was so unique and so small, and none of us had any political experience before this. So, we're in a very different space. We're operating from a different area now where we really feel streamlined, we've raised a lot of money, and we're really excited to go into 2020. Nothing will ever compare of course, to 2016, because it was all so new and so unique and amazing to all of us.

      Lisa Fletcher: How is it different for you now, than it was in 2016? What have you learned?

      Lara Trump: Oh my gosh, well. What haven't we learned? We learned a lot. I think for all of us, it's really unfortunately been a wake-up call. Not that great things aren't still able to happen, but it's not that easy to go into Washington saying, “We're going to fix this, that, and that.” You really have to have Congress's support, you have to have so many things lined up in order to move forward. I mean, for me, I thought, “Oh well, Donald Trump's gonna go in there, and he's gonna totally clean house, and he's gonna really make everything right.” And I think he's done an incredible job of that, but it's not always as straightforward as it seems in Washington DC.

      Lisa Fletcher: In preparing for 2020, a few minutes ago you said, “In 2016, we didn't know what we were doing. Is there part of that you just don't want to tinker with?

      Lara Trump: Yeah, of course. Well, the beauty of President Donald Trump is that none of the rules applied to him. They didn't apply to the campaign in 2016. They probably won't apply in the midterms. And certainly going into 2020, we sort of feel that way. There's something magical that happened in this country, and I think for all of us who started out with this campaign that no one gave a chance to, that people laughed at, that they made fun of. To see, really, the movement in this country, that formed behind Donald Trump, of course, we're not gonna mess with that at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But I think we've just gotten a little more sophisticated in the way that we run the day-to-day operations. And we feel very structured and set up for 2020, but, we are 100 percent on board for the no-rules-apply, Trump logic, when it comes to campaigning, for sure.

      Lisa Fletcher: The idea that no rules apply, that has been a talker since 2016. Why? How is that possible?

      Lara Trump: People are feeling the effect, of Donald Trump as president, and I don't think that there's any way that you can ignore that. And I think there will be so many more people voting for him in 2020. They may never tell anyone that they voted, the exit polls will be wrong again when they leave the voting booth. But I really do think that we've been yearning in this country, for somebody to make these changes, to keep promises, and I think that's what we're seeing happen.

      On the upcoming mid-term campaigns.. the President has pledged to spend at least 40 days on the trail before November. His most recent stops, North Dakota and Montana.