Pulse: St. Louis


      Tim Butler: We're the last dive bar on the West End. Everyone finds their way into Rosie's.

      Lisa: Here at "Rosie's Place" the tabs and the cash drawer are always open, just like the conversation.

      Tim Butler: We've got someone who is a garbage collector sitting next to a waiter, sitting next to a lawyer, sitting next to a former judge...sitting next to a….it’s a big group of people.”

      Lisa: So, how's the conversation in this place?

      Tim Butler: It's a lot of politics. It's a lot of sports. It's a lot of everyday life."

      Lisa: And these days, everyday life includes a dizzying array of headlines igniting lively discussion about the president, the press, and the future of the people. People like Vicki Corum.

      Lisa: Do you trust the media?

      Vicki Corum: No. I do not.

      Lisa: Why not?

      Vicki Corum: Well, because especially in this age of the social crap. You know, it's whatever will get the most negative attention. If it's not negative, nobody cares.

      Lisa: Speaking about arguments, There's an argument between Donald Trump and the media, or the media and Donald Trump. Do you blame one more for instigating the current rivalry?

      Vicki Corum: Trump is a very bad subject with me because I'm 66 years old and this is the first time in my life that I'm ashamed to be living in the United States of America.

      Lisa: So you don't like Donald Trump”

      Vicki Corum: No

      Lisa : You don't trust the media.

      Vicki Corum: No

      Lisa: Side by side, which do you trust more? The media or Donald Trump?

      Vicki Corum: If I had to pick, oh, I don't know, I guess media.

      Lisa: But as we wound our way around the regulars at Rosie's, a different narrative about the media emerged.

      Lisa: Do you trust the media?

      Cortez Lofton: Yes.

      Lisa: Do you think the media has picked a fight with Donald Trump?

      Cortez Lofton: Absolutely not! Donald Trump has picked a fight with the media.

      President Trump: The public doesn’t believe you people anymore.

      Dion Pullam: He has a war with the media. He's entitled to his opinion, but the guy, he says what he says, and it's something ridiculous every single day, in my mind personally. I just wait for the next accident to happen when this guy speaks.

      Lisa: Do you trust the media?

      Dion Pullam: I do. I absolutely do.

      Lisa : Where do you get your news and information from?

      Dion Pullam: I mean, I watch Fox & Friends, I watch CNN, I watch a little bit of everything, because I like to see what's going on and get balances of opinions.

      Lisa: And speaking of balances of opinion, on the patio, we run into the judge.

      Lisa: Where do you get your news from?

      Evelyn Baker: A lot of the Internet and a lot of it on cable. None of it on Fox because I don't want an aneurism.

      Lisa: Folks at Rosie's call Evelyn Baker "the judge" because she was one, And even though now retired, she's still handing down opinions.

      Evelyn Baker: There is no media war with Trump. There's a Trump war with media. And that's the first step towards a dictatorial, totalitarian system.

      Lisa: Do you trust the media?

      Evelyn Baker: I trust the media, most of the media.

      Lisa: Democrat or Republican, media friend or foe, the patrons here say they've known each other long enough to know to abide by one Rosie's rule:

      Evelyn Baker: If I'm on one side and you're on the other, and we've been friends for years, we just know not to talk about that.

      Lisa Fletcher, St. Louis, Missouri.