Animal Research

      The Environmental Protection Agency says it plans to stop ALL animal testing by 2035. And that could save taxpayers millions of dollars.

      The EPA conducts or funds thousands of animal experiments aimed at understanding the risks of various chemicals and pesticides. Experiments are conducted on dogs, rabbits, rats and mice. Justin Goodman represents White Coat Wasteone of the groups that fought for the change:

      Justin Goodman: The administration’s decision this week will eliminate all taxpayer funded animal testing within the EPA and eventually eliminate all required testing that is imposed on the industry by the federal government as well. The EPA’s plan right now is to eliminate 30% of animal testing by 2025 and 100% of animal testing by 2035. But given the administration’s enthusiasm and investment by stakeholders, I can see that happening much sooner.

      There are environmental groups who argue that other kinds of tests will not prove as effective in determining the health risks to humans of chemicals.

      And before any savings are seen , the EPA will spend an additional 4.2 million dollars on research to find the best alternatives to animal testing