Full Measure: January 3rd

      Episode 3 image.JPG

      On this episode of Full Measure:

      1. Unfit to fly. A story that even shocked the Inspector General for Afghanistan...when he found a whole fleet of airplanes paid for by the US.. that were never used.

      2. Will Europe survive? Many think the pressure of terrorism and too many refugees may threaten the very nature of the European Union. Some countries are calling for closing the borders to monitor potential terrorists. Is an economic collapse coming? Correspondent Scott Thuman investigates.

      3. A case of incredible cruelty...when we discovered one horse farm shut down and an owner indicted for cruelty, correspondent Chris Papst took a look to see if equine abuse is a national problem.

      4. And, a Campaign Incredible special...some of our favorite moments of the campaign trail over the past few months