Pulse: Paris


      Scott: Paris: it is where song fills the air, romance people's hearts and the joie de vivre, or, joy of living, makes the city of lights, the city of love. Its Eiffel Tower, museums of priceless art, the River Seine and sidewalk cafes are an international draw and what lured the Williams and Ostrowski's from Florida. Although the laissez-faire lifestyle has been lessened a bit for these visitors. Woman: We were a little uneasy the day we actually came from London to Paris was the day of the attacks in London and when we got off the train we learned about them.

      Man: It is in my mind. When I do or hear something, whenever we hear motorcycles, we kind of look. I don't know why or what it is, maybe all the movies we've seen in the past, but when we hear motorcycles we kind of look to see what it is. And when we're sitting in a cafe, kind of watching stuff that happened here in the past.

      Scott: That past of the Paris attacks has some very present reminders. Heavily armed police walk the beat around the city's most iconic sights and where tourists are hard pressed not to notice. Man: We see the armed guards it actually makes you feel a little safer because you know they're there to protect you.

      Scott: The Arc de Triomphe, a tribute to former wars won, hosts an odd clash of old and new, as those in long-retired uniforms stand feet away from ones worn reflecting the current state of concern. The Blau family, is here from California.

      Woman: As Americans we have a false sense of security. Especially those that travelled before 9/11.

      Man: We certainly thought about it with our discussions of this trip. But once you're here, I mean you're constantly aware of your surroundings and, no, it's a lovely city.

      Scott: Even the French clash over the relaxed "C'est la vie" mindset.

      Scott: Do you worry at all or no?

      Man: No, I'm not worried at all. I'm not.

      Woman: I am.

      Man: She's worried.

      Scott: Though it's an exaggeration to say fear dominates the mindset in France. After all, Paris is a strolling and shopping haven.

      Scott: Done some damage?

      Man: Yeah she has! Look at the bags.

      Scott: And so they choose to concern themselves with another type of international 'conflict'.

      Man: Being from Los Angeles too, you know, we're hoping to get the Olympics and France is the only country that's left, so it's between France and the U.S.

      Scott: So you're doing a little lobbying?

      Man: Well you know, I've got my fingers crossed we'll see.