Pulse: Tombstone

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      Pulse: Tombstone

      Finally today— on our travels, we found a place where the west is still as wild as it ever was: Tombstone, Arizona. It’s still filled with cowboys, gunfights and— some townsfolk say— ghosts.

      In the middle of the desert— we came upon a gun fight It’s a reenactment reminiscent of the “Gunfight at the OK Corral" in the booming tourist town of Tombstone, Arizona.

      Hauer: Tombstone was founded in 1879. It was considered the biggest city between San Fran and St Louis back in the day and the wildest city between San Fran and St. Louis. You could do anything, get anything, 24/7.

      The Gunfight at the OK Corral was a 30-second shootout between gunslingers on October 26, 1881. Today, “cowboys” roam the streets side by side with tourists from all over the world.

      Bruce Cable: The authenticity of the clothes, the guns all seem pretty much like they were in the day I suppose. it is pretty cool. A bit different than New Zealand.

      Actor: Don't expect a lot of clever lines out of that guy, he doesn't talk.

      Mixed amid the tales of the wild west is another attraction. Inside this old fashioned ice cream parlor, manager Terry Hauer tells what it is: she says Tombstone is haunted by ghosts.

      Hauer: Almost every single building in this town has at least one.

      As much as the cowboys, the rumor of ghosts has captured the imagination of people here to experience the wildest town in the West.

      Rolff: We wanted to come check it out and of course, check out the ghost town.

      And Hauer claims she’s seen proof.

      Hauer: I saw an image of a being, you could see through him, but you could also see what he was. It was startling. I'd never seen one before. I've had experiences before, but never seen one. His name is Adam. He's 6'3" white hair, white beard, and wears a green and black plaid shirt.

      Whether visitors come to see ghosts or cowboys the dusty streets of Tombstone provide a glimpse of how things used to be.. in a town nicknamed “too tough to die."

      By the way, Tombstone got its start as a mining town when a mother lode of silver was discovered there in 1878.