Joce Sterman

      Joce Sterman is an investigative journalist whose work has won her numerous awards including regional Emmys, Associated Press recognition and an Edward R. Murrow award for investigative contributions to breaking news. Prior to joining the Full Measure team, she worked as an investigative journalist with Sinclair's D.C. affiliate, WJLA.

      Over the years, Joce's stories have sent people to jail, resulted in legislative hearings and shined a light on stunning lapses in oversight by government agencies at the local, state and federal level. She's spent 15 years as an investigative journalist at television and radio stations throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

      In Washington, Joce's work helped sever a multi-million dollar contract given to a federal contractor tasked with guarding prisoners. After a prisoner escaped on their watch, her team discovered the contractor had been lying about its credentials to secure a lucrative government deal.

      During her time leading the investigative unit at a Baltimore TV station, Joce discovered the agency tasked with disciplining Maryland's doctors was allowing some physicians to continue practicing for months or years after being notified of serious problems, including the preventable deaths of some patients.

      Joce's efforts have uncovered everything from product flaws that went unchecked by federal agencies to state child care providers allowed to stay in business after children died in their care.

      A proud graduate of Penn State, Joce enjoys college football, wine, running and watching her son play every sport under the sun. Follow her on Twitter @Jocefromthenews