It's The Economy

      It's been three decades since a presidential race was won based largely on the slogan, "It's the economy, stupid.

      Supporting Police

      Around the country, violent crime is up in major cities, police agencies are short-staffed, and activists are still calling to Defund the Police.

      Post Covid

      As America attempts to pull out of its Covid nightmare, public health experts are already embarking upon Lessons Learned exercises.

      Sports Betting

      We begin with a deep dive into a form of gambling that's sweeping the nation: sports betting. Odds are, it's now legal or about to become legal somewhere near you. Sports betting brings a wide range of benefits, complications and concerns— depending on who you ask. Today, we're heading out west to learn more in one of America's most robust sports wagering markets. Colorado’s three casino towns have added a new gamble to the house collection: sports.

      Reaping the Wind

      The Biden administration has approved America's first large-scale offshore wind power project. But for every supporter, it seems there are detractors raising questions. Lisa Fletcher takes a look at the pros and cons of reaping the wind. Two centuries ago, New Bedford, Massachusetts was known throughout the world as the greatest whaling port and the richest city per capita in the world. All that, based on the harvest of whale oil to light 18th-century America.

      Florida Tourism

      More and more Americans are getting back to travel and tourism as the worst of the pandemic shutdowns seems to be in the rearview mirror. That is good news for many businesses. But Scott Thuman reports from Florida, it’s bringing its own set of problems. This has been the summer of the great getaway. Putting some distance between social distancing and lowering the boom on those zoom calls. The beaches and bars of south Florida filled again.

      National Pot

      A majority of Americans now have access to some form of legal marijuana. A recent Gallup poll finds more than two in three people support legalizing marijuana. But what you may not know is: pot is only legal in their state. It’s not legal as far as the federal government is concerned. Today, with so many Americans getting high on weed, our cover story examines the radical conflict in laws and the prospect of a national measure to legalize cannabis.