Energy Crisis

      We begin with an amazing development on the energy front. Right now, some of the world’s leaders in green energy are reluctantly returning to fossil fuel in a b

      Farm Inflation

      One recent poll finds 92% of Americans consider inflation — rising prices — an important issue in the upcoming midterm elections, outpacing other hot-button iss

      Housing Market

      With a possible economic recession on the horizon, there could be big trouble in America's housing market. Buyers and sellers are suffering from whiplash after

      Update: Puerto Rico Corruption

      President Biden recently visited Puerto Rico, recovering from Hurricane Fiona two and a half weeks ago. He promised the U.S. territory another $60 million tax d

      Covid Kickbacks

      We’ve spent trillions of tax dollars on Covid-related aid and health care. For context, one trillion is a million million dollars, 12 zeros on the end. And we a