The Boy Scouts

      The group that made its name teaching survival skills to boys - is now struggling for its own survival. This month the Boy Scouts reached a settlement to pay $850 million to 60,000 sex abuse victims. Today's cover story: How a bankruptcy case turned into the biggest sexual abuse lawsuit in history. A caution - some of the accounts are graphic.

      China Policy

      Tension this past week in Alaska at the Biden administration's first high-level meeting with China. China fired off lengthy insults at the U. S. The Biden Administration called it grandstanding. Scott Thuman reports when it comes to China, the Biden and Trump administrations share some broad agreement. This past week, in Alaska, an attempted thaw to a frosty relationship, as President Biden’s top diplomat, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with his Chinese counterpart.

      Border Reality

      After insisting there is no crisis at the border, the Biden Administration's Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas this week acknowledged the surge of illegal immigrants is likely the worst in 20 years. Here’s what else he told Congress. Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas: We have seen migration surges before, 2019 was extraordinary, 2014, and before then.

      Border Shift

      We begin at the Southern border where we find the Biden administration's efforts to erase Trump administration policies on illegal immigration are already having a dramatic impact. Supporters of illegal immigration are praising the change. Critics say it threatens to plunge the U. S. into a crisis far beyond what's been seen in recent years. We investigate the border shift. Along America's southern border we found they’re not just bracing for a surge in illegal immigration— it’s already arrived.

      Sen. Lindsey Graham

      A big piece of the illegal immigration puzzle that tamped down the numbers at the Southern border was President Trump's "Remain in Mexico" program. Critics say it put asylum-seekers at risk and are cheering on the Biden Administration decision to end it. But supporters of "Remain in Mexico," including Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, have dire predictions. Sharyl: How would you characterize what you see coming on the border? Graham: A "&$#@ show. " This is going to be really bad.

      Covid DNA

      One of the important fights in the coronavirus battle is happening on a DNA level. Today, we hear from Major Jeffrey Kugelman, branch chief of the genomics at the U. S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in Ft. Detrick, Maryland. Sharyl: So what is this overall, a lab area? Major Kugelman: Yeah, this is our genomics lab. Sharyl: If there's something mysterious going on somewhere in the country it may come here? Kugelman: Yes.

      Sour Notes

      Most industries have struggled under the weight of Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions. Few have been hit harder than the music business. And the economic impact is tremendous. In the U. S. alone, nearly two million jobs are said to hinge on the music industry. Today, we take you to the place nicknamed Music City to ask what’s the long-term impact after the government says the music can't play?