It's The Economy

      It's been three decades since a presidential race was won based largely on the slogan, "It's the economy, stupid. " And once again, a troubled economy has become a major driver in U. S. politics. Americans are struggling with a pandemic shutdown hangover, mind-boggling inflation, shocking gas and grocery prices, and shortages of both workers and products.

      Supporting Police

      Around the country, violent crime is up in major cities, police agencies are short-staffed, and activists are still calling to Defund the Police. One place where that dynamic is in play is Denver where we recently checked out a new program that sends social workers instead of police on some emergency calls. A double shooting in Washington D. C. Surveillance video captures the alleged gunmen.

      Post Covid

      As America attempts to pull out of its Covid nightmare, public health experts are already embarking upon Lessons Learned exercises. Lawrence Gostin is professor at Georgetown University and Director of the World Health Organization Center on Global Health Law. In his new book, Global Health Security, he sets forth a blueprint for the post-Covid future. Lawrence Gostin: Basically its thesis is that we have a constant vicious cycle where we bounce between complacency and panic.

      Bad for Business

      WATCH THE FULL STORY ON OUR YOUTUBE PAGE HERE: BAD FOR BUSINESS. November first, for the first time in more than a year and a half, the southern U. S. border reopened to legal "non-essential" travelers coming in from Mexico on foot or by car. The longstanding ban on tourists for so long has cost U. S. border businesses dearly. That’s the topic of today's cover story, which we first aired last month, just after the Biden administration announced it would finally lift the ban.

      NCAA Pay

      The National College Athletic Association, or NCAA, is facing a new way of doing business that has never officially been part of the play book. A Supreme Court ruling gives student athletes the opportunity to cash-in on their sport - and potentially get a slice of the multi-billion-dollar profits. Lisa Fletcher takes a look at what many college athletes call a victory. Kaleb McGary: I'm far from believing that college athletes should be rich by any means.

      Five for Fighting

      Through time, songwriters have pulled from heart-wrenching current events for inspiration. Today, we visit with John Ondrasik, who is better known as Five for Fighting. His famous song Superman became an anthem for 9/11 heroes. Now he's writing about Afghanistan. Music video “Superman (It's Not Easy)”: I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naïve. I'm just out to find. John Ondrasik: Superman, I wrote when I was hitting the wall of the music business.

      Sports Betting

      We begin with a deep dive into a form of gambling that's sweeping the nation: sports betting. Odds are, it's now legal or about to become legal somewhere near you. Sports betting brings a wide range of benefits, complications and concerns— depending on who you ask. Today, we're heading out west to learn more in one of America's most robust sports wagering markets. Colorado’s three casino towns have added a new gamble to the house collection: sports.