Right to Food

      In the U.S., runaway inflation and out-of-sight food prices seem to be a new, uncomfortable norm. Add in the experience of supply chain gaps and empty Covid she

      Student Debt

      President Biden has committed the government to erasing some student loan debt for as many as 43 million Americans at a huge cost to taxpayers. A lot of borrowe

      Midterm Issues

      Dr. Ben Carson spent a career as a surgeon and then started another in politics running for president and ultimately serving in the Trump administration. He als

      Amish Education

      The U.S. is said to be more educated than ever before, with one in three Americans getting a college degree. But many are asking, has that really made us any sm

      Clean Water

      Fifty years ago, a bipartisan majority in Congress passed a landmark piece of legislation: the Clean Water Act. As the law marks its half-century, there's anoth

      Border Update

      Updated numbers are out and, as expected, the number of border agent encounters with illegal crossers has passed 2.1 million this year the most ever in America