Counting Covid

      As hindsight comes into clearer focus, we're learning a lot about mistaken advice and policies amid the Covid-19 pandemic. One still murky and disputed area involves the death toll, now upwards of 640,000 in the U. S. , according to CDC. Some insist the true count is much higher; others claim it's lower. Today, we begin with the startling results of our investigation that found in some documented cases, news that Covid was the cause of death was greatly exaggerated.

      Race to the North

      There's a growing competition between the U. S. , Russia and China, and it's taking place in a part of the world that may surprise you: The Arctic. That desolate expanse of sea and ice almost one and half times the size of the United States. You might call it a new 'Cold War. ' Scott Thuman reports how the U. S. could be falling behind, in this race for the north. On a summer day at a remote base in Alaska, we board a Coast Guard H-60 helicopter and head out to see a patch of ocean the U. S.

      Puerto Rico Rebound

      As coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions around the world seem to drag on endlessly there's at least one bright spot shining through. It's in the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico. The island has been hit hard in recent years by natural disasters and financial scandals. But on my recent visit to get updates on all of that, I found some surprising good news. All you need to see is a bustling San Juan on a weeknight.

      Border Crisis

      Welcome to the start of our Seventh Season of Full Measure. I am Sharyl Attkisson. This could be the worst year in American history for illegal border crossings. It already hit the top 5 with two months left to go in the fiscal year. Border agents have encountered more than (1. 3) million illegal border crossers so far. We were at Ground Zero for the border crisis as it hit a new peak and found record numbers amid a virus pandemic has created a perfect storm of chaos.

      Trump: One-On-One

      Sharyl: Thank you for agreeing to do an interview. We are at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The Biden administration has to re-institute the 'Remain in Mexico' program, which, by all accounts, when I've been down there on my reporting, seems to have made a big impact on the border traffic. Opponents say that policy is inhumane and that it's dangerous. Do you think starting up the program again will help the border crisis, help solve it, or perhaps make things worse?

      Sex Trafficking

      With kids spending more time at home and on the internet during the Covid-19 shutdowns, something unexpected happened. Authorities say sex trafficking that begins online - doubled. And with that, there’s been an uptick in reports of children sold for sex by their own parents and relatives. Today, we take a frank look at a dark American scandal stretching from the poorest neighborhoods to the rich and famous. September 2020, international controversy over a Netflix film called “Cuties.


      The U. S. has sent a message of support for Ukraine as Russia continues what much of the world sees as provocative action toward its former Soviet partner. The U. S. , and other nations, are wondering if they should step in. Scott Thuman who's reported from those front lines before, has the update. These satellite images, first published last month, served as an ominous warning: escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.