2nd Amendment

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      2nd Amendment

      It has been nearly a year since we explored the second amendment sanctuary movement. Cities and counties declaring they would fight new gun control laws. Today an update as to what has happened since.

      "USA! USA!"

      “It’s time to stand up and fight back”

      Virginia was at the center of a nationwide movement to block new restrictions on gun ownership. Thousands gathered for a giant protest at the state capitol in January, guns were prohibited on the Capitol grounds by order of the governor, but attendees outside the fence were well armed.

      Nearly every county in Virginia had passed second amendment sanctuary resolutions to speak against more gun control laws.

      Man: I know that if anybody is going to get guns taken away from them, it's going to be people who go have them legally because that's the only ones that have them on record. So, I don't think that's right.

      After our report, Virginia’s Democrat-controlled legislature failed to pass the most controversial proposal: one that would have expanded the definition of “assault weapons” and banned their purchase.

      But a series of other new gun laws did make the cut, and Democratic governor Ralph Northam signed them into law in April.

      Governor Ralph Northam: So, we’re here today with seven new laws which are part of a commonsense legislative package to prevent gun violence.

      Those laws include expanding background checks to include private sales, limiting handgun purchases to one a month, and a so-called Red Flag law which temporarily block peoples from buying a gun if they’re deemed at high risk of committing violence.

      Elsewhere, since our original report, New Mexico and Rhode Island also passed Red Flag laws and Colorado began enforcing one as well.

      New Mexico and Rhode Island banned so-called “ghost guns,” guns made privately without serial numbers or other identifying markings.

      On the other side, more communities have voted to become second amendment sanctuaries from Kenai, Alaska to Star, Idaho to Rich Creek, Virginia.

      And there were significant wins for gun rights advocates across the country.

      Red Flag laws were voted down in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Nebraska.

      Indiana eliminated the permit fee for handguns and extended legal immunity for those involved in justified shootings.

      A federal appeals court threw out California’s ban on high capacity magazines as an unconstitutional infringement of the Second Amendment.

      Sharyl (on camera): The Utah state legislature is considering a bill to throw out a Salt Lake City law mandating background checks for purchases at gun shows in the city.