Season 7 Roundtable: On the Road

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      Sharyl: On our travels and shoots, of course a lot of things happen behind the scenes that we don’t always talk about in our stories, and we’re going to tell you about a couple of them to end the program with today. Lisa, you go first.

      Lisa: Sometimes a little embarrassing. I’ve interviewed a lot of professional athletes over the years, but never an NFL lineman. We go to Kaleb McGary’s house in Atlanta. He opens the door, and I couldn’t restrain myself. I just said, “Oh my gosh, you are ginormous!” And immediately I thought I had offended the man, and he laughed, and he was like, “Yeah, I’m a big guy.” And I think he’s probably been told that many, many times. But you guys have no idea the difference between these guys in person and these guys on TV.

      Scott: You felt very, very small.

      Lisa: I felt super tiny.

      Sharyl: He’s like a house.

      Lisa: He is like a house.

      Sharyl: Scott, what about you?

      Scott: We were finishing our shoot in Alaska. Mark Orchard, producer. Photographer, Lee Jenkins. We decide we want one shot of this glacier, so we go hiking kind of in the middle of nowhere to get to it. And I see a rustling in the bushes ahead, and I grab my phone because I know it’s either going to be a bear or a moose. And look what it was — this massive moose comes by. A couple of heart palpitations because they say just don’t be on a path in front of a moose; that’s when it gets territorial and can become aggressive. So we had a dicey couple of seconds but he kindly just walked off into the bushes. We were good.

      Lisa: Mark and Lee didn’t abandon you?

      Scott: I never looked behind me. They were gone. They were out of there I’m sure.

      Sharyl: I was going to say, moose went to look for squirrel.

      Sharyl: Well, I interviewed former President Trump at his New Jersey palace — the golf resort there. And they said he didn’t have time to do a walk-around afterwards like we like to do, but I asked him, and he went. And here he showed me his new weight room at the club.

      Lisa: Oh my.

      Sharyl: Funny thing he said. He said, “They tell me these are beautiful machines. I don’t know what they do.” He’s always very friendly before and afterwards, particularly if you’re doing an interview that he perceives as fair and not attacking him.