Joe Rinaldi

      Joe Rinaldi is the Broadcast Producer of Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. He has worked as a news producer for several years, in both Nashville and Eastern Washington.

      Joe’s love of journalism started with his family and their favorite sport: boxing. He began writing for the newspaper The USA Boxing News back in 2006 and has been covering fights ever since as a writer and editor. He won the Ali-King Award in 2012, which recognizes both diversity and writing in the sport.

      Joe went to Cornell University in upstate New York to study writing and journalism. After college, Joe went to law school at the University of Kentucky, where he focused his legal practice on immigration and communications law. He is licensed to practice in both New Jersey and Tennessee, and in both states, he works with immigrants and refugees from both Latin America and Africa.

      He is a native of the Jersey Shore and enjoys the beach and Wawa. He is also an expert on DC Comics and Superman. So if you have an opinion regarding the DC Universe, so does Joe.